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Programmes de financement

FJP - Futurpreneur Canada

FJP – Young Promoters Fund
The aim of this program is to assist young entrepreneurs to create a business or to implement an entrepreneurial succession solution by offering them technical and financial support. The financial assistance is allocated per business project in the form of non-repayable contributions.


It’s good to have an idea. It’s better to find financing so you can move from planning to realization. The MRC Les Moulins administers a local investment fund to finance businesses in the start-up, expansion and succession phases. Sizeable assistance is granted in the form of a loan, which will give you additional financing to achieve your projects.

Mesure STA

STA Program – Support for Self-Employment
Dreaming of running your own business? The MRC Les Moulins and Emploi-Québec offer the STA program, Support for Self-Employment. The helping hand you’re waiting for to successfully enter the business world.


FEES – Social Economy Enterprise Fund
The Social Economy Enterprise Fund supports the financing of social economy businesses at the start-up, consolidation and expansion phases. Financial assistance is allocated by business project in the form of non-repayable contributions. Part of the commercial sector, social economy businesses are keyed to social accountabilities while ensuring their own economic viability. The field as a whole encompasses activities and organizations born of collective entrepreneurship, which operates in compliance with the following principal rules: the common good, management autonomy, democracy, the primacy of the person and participation

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