> Thrive in the des Moulins region

Thrive in the des Moulins region

La MRC Les Moulins is among the most dynamic areas in Quebec. Both the business opportunities they offer by the tremendous entrepreneurial support they provide, Terrebonne and Mascouche are winning locations.

Our business support service is one of the means used to promote the economic and industrial activity in the MRC Les Moulins. It offers so much to existing firms or new being implemented.

The CLDEM consists of a multidisciplinary team ready to assist you in the development and implementation of your project. We support the growth and development projects according to your needs and your ambitions.

In addition, the Moulins region requiring an efficient network of stakeholders (federal, provincial and regional) who understand the reality of entrepreneurs and business leaders. As we meet them on a regular basis, we can get them involved in your project in the framework of their respective mandates.


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